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Futures Trading Systems Spacer Anyone who makes money trading has a system so it makes very
good sense that you have one too.

Your system should be a collection of rules and signals that
you use regularly to time your buying and selling. You want
your system to create for you a mechanical process that prompts
you to take action and the more mechanical you become the better
your results.

Traders quite often get swamped by their emotions and they fail
to take the necessary action to save their capital. The most
common mistake is to keep the “losing trade”. When things don’t
go the way you expected the smart thing is to sell out.

Not every trader can make this simple decision and this accounts
for the usual losses suffered by traders. It is said by many that
90-95% of traders lose more money than they make. So what could
be the likeliest problem?

I believe that it’s partly to do with the trader’s psychology and
partly to do with the system they are using. If you don’t follow
the rules of your system you are doomed and if your system doesn’t
give clear indications of the action you should take – you are
doomed to make losses.

For 48 hours only, you can download the full
– “The Truth About Fibonacci Trading”.

Below you will find a link you can use to get a free trading system.
Trading using Fibonacci is a commonly used system to time buying
and selling. You will also find other very relevant information
you can use to decide which system is right for your trading.

Students of THE 10 Simple Rules get two systems included as part
of the trading package. You can find out more here:

About the Author

Joseph Sgro is a writer, trader and educator and writes THE 10 Simple Rules Ezine. You can pick up your free ebook on Fibonacci Trading by going to:
(C) Copyright 2005 Joseph Sgro


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