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Emini Futures Trading – characteristics of a good day trading instrument.



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Futures Trading Systems SpacerIn 1997 the Chicago Mercantile Exchange created a new financialinstrument known as the emini futures contract. It started offsmall but now is a fully mature market with excellent liquidity.

Now in 2005, the emini futures contract is an investment vehiclevery popular amongst beginning and advanced traders.

There are several reasons for this:

It needs to be accessible to a wide public. The high margincosts of trading regular futures, makes it hard for beginningtraders to get started. With the emini, the entry costs arewithin normal means of most.

It needs to be liquid, in other words there must be enoughbuyers to buy when you want to sell and sellers to sell when youwant to buy. The emini is very liquid.

The low entry cost allows the development of business plansinvolving leveraging and increasing the contract size over time.Through training and education and practise trading tradingskill can be developed.

Many traders only trade for an hour or so per day. They mayspend more time analysing their results, which is recommendedand tweaking their trading system.

There is much to be gained from study and practise in tradingthe emini before actual trading is commenced.

Successful investing, is not so much about being right or wrongor the roll of the dice, but about money management, patienceand discipline to following a system. If you are a gambler thenstay away from futures, for you will surely lose and can losebig.

The emini will most likely be around for a long time and whenconsidering futures trading, is a good training ground beforeentering into the big contracts.

About the author:

Graeme Sprigge is the webmaster of, asite which presents and reviews more than ten quality emini daytrading courses and systems. Graeme has a keen interest ininvesting in options, shares and futures trading. Visit to getan eye-opening free ebook, The Truth about Day Trading


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