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Futures Trading Systems SpacerOnce you`ve developed the best trading systems that accuratelyreflects your goals, and can respond to any market situationwith clear actions, you are ready to take the next step in yourtrading. These are some principals and techniques that I havefound to be indispensable in my trading career. Once you`vebegun using them, I`m sure you`ll feel the same.

First, the best trading systems have only one market to tradein. Real money is made by mastering your chosen market. Manytraders fall into the trap of thinking the more they trade, themore money they will make. Unfortunately, this does not holdtrue.

In a similar vein to this, keep the best trading systems- reallysuper simple. Those same traders often complicate the besttrading systems so much that they become nearly impossible totrade. This is usually accomplished through over optimization,adding far too many indicators. Instead, keep your plan yourbest trading systems as streamlined as possible. That way, itwill be robust enough to trade across many market conditions.Through testing, I have found that over optimizing a plan willmake it perform better on historical data. However, these plansusually trade worse in real time, thus taking away the goal tohaving the best trading systems.

Once your best trading systems are up and running, document it.All successful traders that I come in contact with documenttheir plan – are my plans really the best trading systems or doI need to take some complicated bugs out of it? They have theirexact trading methodology written down. The traders who losemoney don`t have their trading methodology written down. Youshould clearly write out your methodology. Why is it soimportant? When you sit down and spell out how you perceive themarket, you are accepting the fact that you might be wrong. Youare beginning to accept responsibility. With this acceptancecomes a renewed commitment and dedication to your system thatwill allow you out last the markets fluctuations. This is a keyelement to keeping your plan the best trading systems.

This next strategy is over-looked by almost every trader.However, it is one of the most critical points to your success.You should back test your system. Back testing a system involvesapplying the rules and conditions of the best trading systems tohistorical data. With back testing you can determine howprofitable your system can be, and predict its win/loss ratio.These numbers will not be 100% accurate, as price movements inthe past are never repeated perfectly. However, you can assumethat similar patterns and trends will occur over time, givingyou invaluable insight into how the best trading systems willperform.

Back testing will also give you the confidence you need to tradethe best trading systems . Confidence is often the hardesthurdle to overcome in any of the best trading systems. So,whatever technical analysis criterion you use to trade with, beit moving averages, candle sticks, volatility breakouts,fibonacci retracements or any other of the best trading systemsyou have devised you are going to need to back test itthoroughly.

Of course, you should also employ excellent money managementrules. Despite it`s importance, money management still remainsrelatively unknown by many traders and investors around theworld. In fact, Dr. Van K. Tharp, a world-renowned leader inprofessional trading coaches and consultants says: “Perhaps thegreatest secret to top trading and investing success isappropriate money management.”

I call it a “secret” because few people seem to understand it,including many people who have written books on the topic. Somepeople call it risk control, diversification, or how to “wisely”invest your money. However, the money management formula that isthe key to top trading and investing is simply referred to asthe algorithm.

It has taken me years to simplify these rules. Sure, it was atough row to hoe, but the rewards have been worth it. The goodnews is you don`t have to go down the same road I did. Aftercountless clients asking for coaching on this topic I decided tocreate a system that takes you through the process of designingexcellent money management rules step-by-step. I named it”Trading Secrets Revealed”. You can learn more about thesesecrets, by visiting:

For my last point, let me draw some parallels between running abusiness and trading. Most successful businesses keep statisticson everything from their conversion rate to their average dollarsale. The reason a successful business does this is to create ascorecard of where they are right now. They understand you firstmust keep score before you can begin to improve that score.Trading is exactly the same.

You should look at trading as a business. To do this you need tolearn some valuable statistics about your system. It`s the onlyway you can improve performance. How can you expect to improvesomething unless you know what it is you are looking to improve?You need to know your R multiples, win to loss ratios,expectancy, and other similar statistics. You can learn moreabout these and other vital statistics by reading Trade Your Wayto Financial Freedom by Dr. Van Tharp.

With a back tested, robust and the best trading systems you canpossibly in your hands, and a good understanding of moneymanagement and the market, you will maximize your tradingpotential. Once you`ve applied these techniques, you will besurprised at how profitable the best trading systems youdesigned will become. Enjoy your success.

Trading Secrets Revealed is a step-by-step trading roadmap tohaving excellent money management.

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