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Futures Trading Systems SpacerThe Forex trading system was first created in the 1970’s. Theword means “foreign exchange market” where the differentcurrencies of the world are freely bought and sold on themarket. Global Forex Trading is leading the world in real-timecurrency trading software. This company also takes part indealing and comprehensive services for retail and institutionalforeign exchange traders. It prides itself on providing peoplewith the highest standard of service. This is evident when thepresident of the company, Gary L. Tilkin, was named NationalErnst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2004 Awards Finalist

People all over the world are using this mode of currencytrading. The Forex trading system services more than 1o0countries all over the world. It is the largest liquid fluidmarket aaand the amount of money traded in this way amounts toalmost 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars every day. The transactionstake place through telecommunications 24 hours a day, every day.Dealers operate in every time zone for the purpose of quotingcurrencies.

Forex trading is an objective market. If those who participatein this market would like to change prices, they work withbillions of dollars. Single participants cannot exert anyinfluence on the market. Traders have the flexibility of openingand closing positions whenever they want and for however longthey want. There are no rules as to how long one has to keep acertain position. The amount of profit a trader can make can beimpressive if he/she takes advantage of the credit linesavailable to currency speculators.

In Forex trading, speculative interests are possible withouthaving a supply of real money. Therefore the costs of overheadare less and people can trade with a small amount of money.Transactions can be completed very quickly because thefluctuating exchange rates can net one a huge profit if theysell or buy at the right time. You can trade with this systemwith borrowed money. This is called “Marginal trading”. One lotequals up to $100,000. but you do not need to have all of thatamount. Having 0.5% of the total allows you to become aninternational trader on the money market.

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