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Futures Trading Systems SpacerThe best way to maximize your profits is to be prepared to givesome back to the Stock Market. When most traders first hearthis, they are a little taken back. Why would you give any ofyour profits back to the Stock market; because you are nevergoing to be able to exit right at the peak of the Stock markettrend. But, you can still stay with the trend as it develops,and let your profits run in the Stock market. Then, when theprice turns, you can exit.

Traditionally, an inexperienced trader will exit a position oncethey see a little bit of a profit in their trading account. Theywant to crystallize that profit immediately. People don`t liketo lose, and they believe that those profits, made in the StockMarket, are their profits, and once they have them, they don`twant to risk giving them back to the Stock market.

Is the Stock market strategy written about in this articledoomed to failure, since it breaks one of the cardinal rules oftrading; to let your profits run? It is always wise to implementcardinal rules like this, but how do you implement this in theStock market? Well, after you`ve defined your trading float, setyour maximum loss, calculated your stop losses, and alsocalculated your position sizing – you can determine how tohandle profits.

Once you`ve set your initial stop loss, you`ve ensured amechanism to cut your losses short. Now you need to introduce arule that allows your profits to run. By simply setting thesetwo rules, you can control two important variables – whether ornot you make a profit, and how much profit you`re going to make.

Of the two types of exits you use in the Stock market, hopefullyit`s the ones we`re about to discuss now that you`ll get toimplement more often, as these are the ones that are implementedonce you`re in a profitable situation. Trailing stop losses willallow you to follow a trend as it develops in the Stock market,and exit the position at the point where you can realisticallymaximize your profits.

A simple example can illustrate the importance of a trailingstop loss. If you received a buy signal and purchased XYZ, andset your initial stop loss, you`d be sure to keep your lossessmall. But, your initial stop does not move. What happens if,after purchasing XYZ, the asset runs up a few hundred percent?

Unless you have a way to lock in the profit, you could keep thatposition until the share reverts all the way back down to yourstop loss, where you would exit the trade. You would end uplosing money even though there`s potential for some fantasticgains.

Obviously, you need to have a way to keep a situation like thisfrom ever happening, and that`s exactly what a trailing stopdoes. This form of stop is adjusted on a periodic basisaccording to a mathematical formula that keeps it moving upwardas the price moves upward.

After the first day of trading, if the price moves in yourfavour, or even if the shares volatility shrinks, then thetrailing stop is moved in your favour. If the Stock Market thenmoved against you enough for your stop to be triggered, youwould still take a loss, but it would not be as large as yourinitial stop loss.

The key to the trailing stop loss in the Stock market is thatyou need to adjust the asset continually to make sure that thestop is moved in your favour. A trailing stop loss is calculatedin a way that is very similar to the way we calculated ourinitial stop loss. The only difference being rather thancalculating our trailing stop loss from the entry price, we`recalculating our stop loss from the highest price since entry.

With a trailing stop loss in place, you will be able to let yourprofits run, and let your trading system deliver the maximumprofit in the Stock Market.

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